Monday, July 13, 2009

Life Skills Training by Headwind

Life is a challenge...We are living in very demanding, unsure times, constantly being faced with financial uncertainties, divorce, crime, family crises, work pressures etc.

Let us help you take on these challenges!

We address life’s HeadWinds which all of us face daily, by offering workshops and training that focus on Life Skills such as:

* Personal growth in the face of adversity.
* Holistic Wellbeing – A Bio-Psycho-Social approach.
* Determining Brain Profiles and encouraging Whole Brain Thinking in all walks of life.
* Equipping you with Resilience Power
* Leading you to step into the FLOW of life.
* Embracing Creative possibilities.
* Rediscovering and reclaiming Inner Wisdom and Strength.
* Identification of Internal and External Resources.
* Positive thinking habits.

Our holistic approach will not only equip you to ‘cope’ better with the winds of daily challenge, but will inspire you to thrive against all odds.

We will guide you through a process of emotional, physical, spiritual and social growth in our Life Skills Training Programmes that will empower you to stay upright, even when being faced with life’s ‘head-winds’